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Tara Expéditions

agnès b. is the main Tara Expeditions’ partner. Very sensitive to the fate of the planet, she supports the ship’s projects and the latter’s expeditions since her beginnings: « I have committed myself personally in this project which, in 2004, could seem a complete utopia, she says. Finally, it is a remarkable story. Above all, it is a programme that gave progress to science and which will continue this mission with the Tara Oceans expedition. We succeeded to raise the consciousness of several young persons to the environment thanks to Tara’s human and scientific adventures.


Main sponsor of Tara Expeditions since the beginning, agnès b. is proud of seing Tara's results published in a special issue of Science on May 22. An international, interdisciplinary, team of scientists maps the biodiversity of a wide range of [...]


For 7 years, on the initiative of Etienne Bourgois and agnès b., Tara Expéditions organizes missions of exploration to better understand the impact of global warming on the ecosystems.
After more than 900 days and 115 000 kilometers around the world, [...]

Tara is back

The last stop of the Tara Oceans expedition will be New York (docking at North Cove Marina, Battery Park City) before returning to Lorient in March after two and a half years of expedition. Arriving Sunday February 5, 4pm.
Follow Tara at  [...]

Tara in New York!!

DOCUMENTARY FILMS, TARA OCEANS Quantity : 4 episodes. Length of each documentary : 52 minutes.
Each episode is independent & can be shown separately First screening : On Planet Thalassa (French TV), April 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 2011.

Seen from the [...]

Le monde secret, Tara Oceans, le film

Concerned about the future of our planet, agnès b. has supported Tara’s projects since the beginning.
Since end of December, Tara is in Antarctica, doing soundings in the Drake Passage. The scientists on board of Tara are studying the little-known [...]

Tara Oceans, printed dresses